DePaul Treatment Centers

DePaul Treatment Centers is an excellent treatment choice for adults and adolescents and the only inpatient program I use in the Portland Metro area. Having worked for DePaul’s Youth and Family program, I know firsthand the quality of the curriculum. After several years, it’s apparent they care about their clients in a manner that is above and beyond most treatment centers. With a first-rate staff and an incredible curriculum, DePaul is an excellent treatment choice. Please check out their website at or call 503-535-1151 for more information.

Learn More About DePaul Treatment Centers And Compassionate Interventions

In fact, Compassionate Interventions is proud to consider DePaul as a high-quality center. Moreover, we believe in their ability to help individuals struggling with addiction. To learn more about Compassionate Interventions, contact us today. In addition, find more information about our addiction intervention programs.